Beatriz Cano

Beatriz Cano, you will always live in our hearts

The tears of our sadness cannot avoid falling due to their knowledge of the loss of our dear comrade in life and struggle: Beatriz Elena Cano Uribe, who passed on at the age of 34, on June 7, 2021 owing to complications in her health following last Friday’s fateful events when she was attacked by armed men who both benefit and profit from the war against the people.

As the youth movement Álvaro Ulcue Chocué stated, there are, unfortunately, few words that can express how we feel in the face of this terrible reality and our having to continue to prematurely say goodbye to cherished comrades. We have barely come to terms with the passing of our authority Ukawe’sx Juan David Güegüe and Ms. Aleida Perafán, both victims of the same act.

Beatriz was a woman born into the struggle of the peoples of Colombia; Paisa or Antioqueña by birth, she was originally from Medellín. She came to the Cxhab Wala Kiwe territory seven years ago. Thanks to the development of her gifts as a communicator, to her process of formation in popular communications and to her commitment to the community, she was officially included in the census of the Cerro Tijeras Indigenous Reserve.

In the transformation of her talents and social conscience, she dedicated her life to feeling and living as part of a community process. She wove this with her selfless and courageous dedication, in compliance with her heart´s own instructions. She always shared these in her messages as host of our community radio station Radio Payumat. She planted her very roots in the heart of this process, creating a family and bringing her daughter, Ayelen Guetio, into the world. On the day of the events, Ayelen accompanied her mother on the day of the events and she continues to recover from a wound in one of her eyes as a result of this attack.

Beatriz, you will be remembered for your constant smiling, for your joy and the light-hearted way you would timely extended your hand during hard times together. We will also remember the political clarity and spiritual strength you dedicated to all who heard you every time we tuned in to your programs, while you never stopped condemning the hatred and ignorance of a humanity in which you placed your hope.

Beatriz we are saddened by your departure, but we know that although your body returns to the womb of Mother Earth. In spirit you will continue to accompany us from the Ancestral Spaces, giving us more strength to continue that path that you traced for us; you will continue to be an example of strength that will inspire the generations that greet you today.

On behalf of the Cxhab Wala Kiwe – Acin, in name of the 22 Indigenous authorities, the 7 Thuthenas we’sx, all their weavings, organizers, Kiwe thegnas and the general community, we extend an affectionate hug to your parents and other family members and all those who have been taken from us while defending life, equality, and peace of Colombia. We gather around her legacy, which is the strength of an entire people towards a great comrade, in gratitude for the much that she gave us.

Çxute Pay.

English translation by Polinizaciones.