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From the Latin American Coordinator of Cinema and Communication of Indigenous peoples-CLACPI, we express our solidarity with the people and the indigenous and peasant organizations of Bolivia who are fighting a major battle against a fascist coup.

Bolivia has faced critical days as tension and violence have been unleashed by interest groups behind the coup who have achieved their goals through the resignation of President Evo Morales Ayma. This coup d’etat is being pushed forward by a group of civil society leaders headed by Luis Fernando Camacho together with the Citizen Community alliance and their candidate in the recent elections, Carlos Mesa. Behind this coup d’etat it is easy to recognize the interests of the oligarchic sectors, especially from the Santa Cruz region and of the United States of America, both of which want to restore neoliberalism and obedience to transnational interests.

We regret that they want use this strategy to illegally cut short the continuation of a historical process of change whose advances and achievements are of undeniable importance and have been a model throughout the continent and the world. This change has made an impact in different areas, but above all it has brought dignity to the most historically oppressed sectors and has opened the path for new leadership within the State, within the indigenous first nation peoples, small farmers and women.

The actions of these shady groups have groups need to be noted: the burning of public institutions and headquarters of organizations such as what happened to the headquarters of the Central Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon Region of Bolivia CIRABO in the city of Riberalta and the headquarters of the Peasant Farmers Federation of the Tropic of Cochabamba on Saturday, November 9; the attack on indigenous people, small farmers and any citizen expressing their support for this historical process; the violence and abuse suffered by rural women workers in recent days in Cochabamba; the use of extortion and violence against family members and the burning of houses to achieve the resignation of local authorities and leaders, as is the case with the Presidents of the Senate and House of Representatives to avoid a legal succession of power, and similar acts against Ministers and peasant and social leaders.

We call on all people to raise our voices condemning the violence of an intolerant group that is attempting to seize power by manipulating public opinion with a narrative of divine justice, suggesting God has returned to Government Palace. This discourse suggests schemes are emerging that are completely alien to all democratic intentions and any feeling of social justice. We are particularly concerned about illegal and abusive acts such as the seizure of the headquarters of national organizations including the United Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia and others, the harassment suffered by the CSUTCB Radio Director and the burning of the Ichilo radio station in the town of Yapacani. We hope that this is not a warning of future persecution and repression against indigenous and community radios and media producers in Bolivia and against the physical wellbeing of indigenous and peasant communicators, and allied groups. We call on all people to be alert to what may happen in the next hours and days in what appears to be a vengeful, dictatorial spiral in the face of the boldness of the indigenous people of Bolivia for having dared to confront and wrest power from the neo-liberal sectors for more than 13 years.

These are times that require growing popular media and communications to break the media blockage that Bolivia is suffering, which hides the unspeakable acts that the coup plotters are committing daily against the indigenous, peasant, students, and working people.

We categorically reject the violence and aggression perpetrated by the coup plotters over the rule of law.


Abya Yala, November 11, 2019.