Dear women filmmakers,

As you already know, the call for entries for the 11th International Unseen Film Festival “Film Sozialak” in Bilbao is open until May 15th.

Every social film about Sustainable Development, Human Rights, Gender Equality and Interculturality is welcome, both Basque and/or Spanish (original version or subtitled).

You can find here the call for the competition and the application form in Basque, Spanish and English:

This call is open to female, male and collective works, coming from all around the world. But this time, we are specially and warmly inviting female directors or codirectors to avail this visibility opportunity.

Among other actions for equality in filmmaking, the festival offers and specific recognition for films directed or codirected by women, “Best Film directed by Woman Award”, consisting in a recognition piece and € 2,000.00, afforded by Basque Women’s Institute EMAKUNDE.

Previous editions numbers show that 34% of the films applying are directed by women. The Festival makes a positive action the get as closer as possible to 50%, without losing an inch of quality. But this year, only 25% of the applying films are directed by women and we would like to get at least to previous editions numbers.

So hurry up! Send your films before May 15th to the above link! and tell female colleagues!

We are willing to answer any question.

Best regards,

Leire Pascual
Secretaria Técnica.
Kultura, Communication, Desarrollo
Tlfn/Fax: +34 946024668

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